Opportunities And Challenges Of Inspiring In A Virtual World

At The Humphrey Group we have been hard at work to develop programs that will help our clients communicate inspirationally.

Right now we are focused on helping our clients answer the question, “how can we amplify our leadership in today’s digital world?”

The norms are changing, the opportunities are changing and so communication must change too. To delve into these changes on the Inspire Podcast, Bart interviews Rick Davidson. Rick is a Senior Vice President - Banking and Financial Services at CGI. CGI is amongst the largest IT and business consulting services firms in the world. Listen in to learn about what CGI has done to better engage with their employees in this new world of remote work, and the opportunities and challenges remote work possesses.


This conversation will definitely help you inspire in your virtual communication.

Here are some moments from the conversation:

About CGI (2:25)
CGI challenges (8:09)
Investment in tech tools to work from home (8:36)
How to deal with loss of connection (10:31)
How to support members (11:05)
Health and wellness focus (11:44)
More about the people (14:22)
Mistakes made at first? (14:54)
More work than normal (15:10)
What causes people doing more work (18:08)
Untold demands on leaders (22:31)
What paradigm of leadership works in COVID times (22:42)
Business world needs more compassion (24:37)
What do you want to keep from the COVID times? (30:26)
Keep the humanity (31:31)

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