Why You Should Conduct Your Meetings Like Interviews

On this episode, Bart Egnal speaks with John Ewing, Co-President & Chief Investment Officer at Ewing Morris & Co. Investment Partners Ltd, a boutique investment firm. They talk about what it takes to prepare for and successfully conduct interviews.

John co-founded Ewing Morris & Co. Investment Partners in June 2011. John is responsible for portfolio management and investment research and contributes to client relationships and operations.


Here are some moments from their conversation:

About Ewing Morris & Co. (2:25)
Conducting management interviews. (3:24)
Why interview. (4:50)
Get off the script to understand thought processes. (5:45)
Preparing to conduct interviews. (8:53)
Asking tough questions. (10:25)
Allow adjusting the order of questions. (15:22)
Force choices to learn more - Hanger company example. (16:10)
How to tell when candidates 'package' the truth. (19:00)
Allow silence after asking a question. (21:45)
Avoid compound questions. (24:16)

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