How Leaders Can Use Simulations To Foster High Performance

In this episode, Bart interviews Matthew Confer. Matt is VP, Strategy and Business Development at Abilitie. Abilitie develops award-winning corporate leadership development and mini-MBA programs for rising leaders and executives around the world. Their team-based business competitions involve aspiring leaders in an active, learn-by-doing environment.

Matt and Bart discuss how simulations can build leadership skills, and what leaders can do to create simulations of their own to foster better team performance.


Here are some moments from their conversation:

Abilitie (4:04)
What is experiential learning? (5:31)
The relationship between experience/practice and learning (8:34)
Study on student engagement (8:47)
How to manage and develop talent (11:58)
Rethinking 'coaching' (12:26)
Objections to simulations (13:59)
How to get the most out of role plays (15:38)
How to do experiential learning in a team context (17:00)
Common learning themes (19:07)
Look to replicate in-class training experiences like coffee breaks etc. (20:21)
How to do leadership in a virtual work world (21:45)
Bias towards thinking that our choices will succeed (23:29)
Role play worst-case scenarios (24:55)
Mistakes to avoid (28:00)
Where to go for more (30:52)

Link to Matt's TED Talk:…ter_decision_making

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