How Teck is Creating a More Equitable and Inclusive Company

In this episode Bart is joined by Jackie Scales, Director of Inclusion and Diversity at Teck Resources. Jackie talks about the historic barriers to inclusion that have been common in the mining industry, what the impact of those barriers have been, and how different cultural norms across geographies can pose additional challenges to organizations seeking to create more equitable workplaces. She talks about the very real and valid perspectives that people may have that lead them to doubt EDI initiatives, and then outlines what Teck is doing to bring people along the journey. Her story is a powerful look at how champions of inclusion cannot afford to demonize or push back but must instead work hard to understand, respect and care for all stakeholders who must be part of the solution. 

To learn more about how Teck is committed to DEI, visit their website!

00:22 Intro
00:57 Introducing Jackie
02:10 Challenges for DEI in her industry
02:17 Gender diversity and representation 
03:40 Causes and impact of disparity
04:23 Male centric stereotypes 
05:02 Cultural nuances
06:27 Changing culture within the company
07:57 Stories about women in the industry
09:53 Access
11:07 What's the end goal?
13:05 Employee led initiatives 
14:29 Stories about objections to the EDI
16:46 They survey - the state of equity in tech
17:34 Psychological safety
20:19 Overlap with Humphrey Group offerings
22:51 How is tech helping people with this
26:45 How to pursue EDI in radically different workplaces and cultures
28:57 Example of EDI at Chilean mine
33:47 Examples of challenging situations
34:25 Too focused on "diversity"
36:07 Focus more on creating a respectful and inclusive workspace
40:13 Where to find out about the company and their initiatives
41:01 Thank yous
41:26 Outros 


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