How To Shine in Front of Senior Audiences

In this episode of the Inspire Podcast, Bart Egnal speaks with Alizabeth Calder, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at HomeEquity Bank, about how to communicate with confidence at the board and executive level.


Alizabeth is a senior technology strategist, published business author, certified corporate director (ICD.D), and recognized speaker. She delivers governance and leadership at the Board, CEO and CIO level, including in Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), cybersecurity, and crisis management.

Here are some moments from their conversation:

Alizabeth's book: Duty of Care. (3:22)
Make technology a management conversation. (6:32)
Mindset of the C-suite. (8:10)
Find a "loving critic" and board level articles. (10:20)
Steps to prepare for presentations. (11:26)
Gauge the room. (13:00)
The boardroom experience. (17:53)
Get people looking at you. (21:41)
Redirecting tangential questions. (22:49)
Wrapping up. (24:00)
Elevator chat with senior executive. (26:01)

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