How to Use Digital Communication to Land a Job, Get Promoted, or Start A Business

Whether you're just starting your career and are looking to get hired, or are well established and looking to grow your profile, one thing is for sure: you must build a digital presence. COVID has only accelerated the growing trend of building profile in a digital world, and today's successful professionals must master new ways of communicating and connecting. Michael Marra, Founder of Entre, a professional network for entrepreneurs, joins me to talk about the new imperatives of digital networking.
Michael explores what it means to thrive in a "mixed reality", how success and credibility stem increasingly from digital presence rather than credentials, and how you must authentically build and maintain your presence. We talk Clubhouse, LinkedIn, Twitter, mistakes to avoid and more. 


Intro (1:10)

What is entre (1:53)

"Mixed Reality" (4:21)

Understand the Digital Economy (5:35)

How Will Success be Measured in the New Economy (6:50)

Skills  Experience (7:04)

Ability to Adapt (8:04)

How to Build your Network in the New Mixed Reality (9:15)

Clubhouse (10:58)

3 big pieces of advice for networking in digital age (14:05)

Get on to trends early (14:40)

Key Social Networks (18:07)

Stay on Top of News and How People are Using It (18:58)

Short Form Video Content (20:09)

Reverse Engineer the Lifestyle You Want (22:29)

Personal Brand? (25:04)

See if People Actually Want What You're Offering (26:42)

Friction? Maybe Need to Switch (28:05)

Testing the Market With Social Platforms (28:46)

Who's Doing it the Best? (29:24)

You Have to Produce Content in Your Niche (31:02)

Content Speed is Most Important (31:56)

Big Mistakes to Avoid (33:59)

How to Sign up for Entre? (36:14)

Outtro  (36:47)

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