The Qualities that Define Exceptional Leaders with James Caan CBE

By: Bart Egnal
In this episode Bart speaks with James Caan about what he looks for in entrepreneurs he wants to back and invest in. James has had an incredible career, creating and selling multiple companies in the human capital space including Alexander Mann and Humana Capital, as well as serving the British government in multiple capacities including Chairman of the Startup Loans initiative, which invested in entrepreneurs who wanted to start their own businesses. James joins Bart to talk about his new venture, Recruitment Entrepreneur and the qualities he looks for that are predictors of success in leaders, and his advice to those looking to develop their potential to attract, inspire and motivate people in the service of driving business growth.
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00:29 Show into

01:14 Introducing James

02:46 Early career

05:55 Worldwide recruitment business

07:50 Passion for helping entrepreneurs

08:15 Approached by Dragon's Den

09:40 Writing the book

11:01 Helping government support entrepreneurs

13:49 Commander of the British Empire

15:31 Recruitment Entrepreneur Business

17:11 What gets in the way of building a successful business

17:27 Undercapitalization

17:44 Good billers - but not good business builders

20:39 Attracting talent and building teams

21:18 3 qualities needed to attract talent

21:56 Building to scale

22:16 Articulate your vision

22:57 People want to develop

23:37 Who exemplifies this charismatic leader?

25:39 How to build high-performing teams

26:06 Lead by example

26:59 Develop both technical and strategic sides

30:07 Moving from individual to leader...

31:21 Why do you want to make the change?

32:37 Are you aware of what's involved?

33:16 How do you know you've gone high enough?

34:28 Bart summarizes some points

35:43 Shared learning is very effective

37:59 Where people can find more?

38:46 Thank yous

39:07 Outro