Lessons from a CEO Whisperer

It's not easy at the top... and when you listen to this episode, you'll understand the unique challenges leaders face and how to overcome them. Bart is joined by Nancy MacKay, Founder [confirm title] of Mackay CEO Forum, about the challenges facing senior leaders and the keys to unlocking their own potential. Nancy shares how the pressures - internal and external - facing leaders can sap their motivation, reduce their impact and even cause them to burnout. She explains how she counsels leaders to pursue self-mastery so they can know themselves, lead with purpose, and be more fulfilled in their work. Nancy's advice is valuable not just for CEOs but for anyone who wants to lead more authentically. 


Teaser   00:00

Show lead-in      00:17

Intros    00:56

What is CEO Forum?       02:04

The value of being part of an exec group?             02:44

People need peer support            03:33

What is inspired leadership? Why do people crave it?      04:12

Leaders are not taking care of themselves...         04:46

What do you need to do to inspire yourself?        05:48

Story of a CEO struggling              06:20

Inspiring leadership         09:08

How do you inspire yourself?      09:57

Judgement free 11:21

Time, ego mastery, social contribution, innovation mastery, proactive health mastery,                11:47

Relationship mastery, passion mastery    12:37

3 key things people need to do   14:12

Time mastery (prioritization)        14:34

Mental toughness            18:49

90-day action plan           19:57

Ego mastery        20:42

Signs that your ego is getting in the way 21:17

How to handle an ego that is getting in the way  22:29

Negative ego state = "crazy talk"               22:49

Remove yourself when you're in a negative emotional state         23:01

Make a commitment to be judgement free           23:44

3-minute rule     24:34

Commit to surrounding yourself with other positive people           25:10

Book: "Good morning, I love you"             27:24

3 - Relationships are everything!               28:14

Trust and Love -- the biggest game-changers        29:24

Seek out people who are game-changers              30:03

Covid challenges              31:39

What can people do to begin with relationship mastery?                32:19

Business speed-dates      32:29

Different types of speed-dates    33:21

Parting thoughts       35:17

Thank you           37:24

Outro    37:53

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