Inspiration Begins With Values with Lisa Morton

In this episode of The Inspire Podcast Bart speaks with Lisa Morton, Founder and CEO of Roland Dransfield, a UK communications agency. Lisa's entrepreneurial journey has been driven and guided by her values, starting with her decision to create her own agency, carrying through her personal growth, to pursuing community outreach in Manchester, and now to how she onboards and builds her team. Lisa's story drives home that whatever role you are in your values will serve as a north star. You must take the time to define them, to update them as life goes on, and to use them as a touch stone during difficult periods. 
Here are the highlights from the conversation:
  • Teaser   00:02
  • Inspire Podcast opener   00:17
  • introducing the guest   00:49
  • How did entrepreneurship begin in her life  02:03
  • Early cleaning business as a child   02:41
  • Early experiences in PR   03:55
  • Start her own business   05:24
  • Why start her own biz??  05:55
  • Never aligned with the values of PR agencies she worked at   06:28
  • Did you write your values down?   07:59
  • Leading the business with implicit values   09:47
  • Having children changed things   10:46
  • Difficult personelle problem during growth   11:38
  • Mistakes to avoid when hiring   13:29
  • Why was I attracting narcissists  14:45
  • Worked with a personal coach   18:52
  • Updating values and what matters   19:42
  • Letting people go   22:12
  • Values over experience   22:55
  • No job is too small   23:26
  • "Sweep the Shed"   23:32
  • Values   24:37
  • No jerks allowed   24:57
  • protect the team  25:43
  • Outreach in Manchester   26:30
  • Bombings in Manchester  27:31
  • Most clients now are onboard with CSR   28:55
  • Creating a legacy   29:58
  • Advice?   31:42
  • Take that time out   32:05
  • Write it down   32:54
  • wrap-up   34:05
  • Thank yous   34:39
To learn more about Lisa and Roland Dransfield: 
Personal Instagram - @Lisam2103
RD Instagram - @Roland_Dransfield
Personal Twitter - @lisamorton
RD Twitter - @RDPRTweets
LinkedIn - @lisamortonrdpr
Facebook - @RolandDransfield

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