Secrets to Succeeding - Regardless of Skin Color

Entrepreneurship is hard. Leaving a stable career to start a firm with uncertain prospects, winning customers, hiring staff, gaining access to capital... the challenges are many for those who aspire to build their own businesses. And if you're a Black entrepreneur you face the additional barriers of unconscious bias, inequity or even racism.

In this episode tech entrepreneur Andrew Bromfield joins the pod to share his story of leaving a predictable career to create his own business. He also explores how he deals with the additional obstacles faced by Black entrepreneurs, why some well-intentioned government efforts to help aren't helpful at all, and how he gives back to the next generation. Andrew provides guidance to anyone who wants to be an ally to Black, and the broader group of BIPOC business owners.


00:55 Introducing Andrew and Formative
01:39 Introducing 100 Strong and LinkedIn post Andrew wrote
02:21 Government loan program for Blacks
03:06 Don't need "charity"
04:08 The Entrepreneurial voice
05:08 His story
05:18 Came from entrepreneurial family -- lots of support and confidence
05:56 Entrepreneurial parents
09:11 Price Waterhouse Coopers
10:26 Systemic biases that black people face?
10:56 Educational Streaming
13:23 Advocate for yourself
17:17 Visible representation importance
18:54 Leaving PWC and starting new firm
19:39 Build a foundation
20:28 Startup challenges
21:37 Lessons for new entrepreneurs
22:08 Growth mindset and understanding things change
22:47 Mistakes WILL happen -- accept and learn
22:56 Resilience
23:26 "This is earth, not heaven"
23:47 Do you face racism in Canada today?
24:09 Not for him
24:19 Mindset is key to handling prejudice
25:11 Opening bell for the nasdaq
27:36 You don't make those introductions if you have a problem with race...
28:02 How you perceive things
29:56 Allyship
30:19 Consider a wider range of vendors when putting out a bid
33:32 How to find out more about 100 strong
35:53 Thank yous


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