A New Leadership Imperative For Canadian Business Leaders - with Joe Manget, Walid Hejazi and Dany Assaf

By: Bart Egnal
In this episode of The Inspire Podcast, Bart speaks with Joe Manget, Walid Hejazi and Dany Assaf about their new book, Everybody's Business. The three authors, an accomplished business leader, a business school professor and renowned Competition lawyer and author of the bestseller Say Please and Thank You & Stand in Line, share how their research shows Canadian businesses are falling behind and why bold leadership is necessary to reverse the decline. They explain how leaders in all fields must embrace the power of technology, pursue competition on an international stage, recognize built-in monopolistic advantages may not last as long as they think, and above all take risks to energize their careers and companies. The conversation, hosted at the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management, is an important listen for anyone who wants to build a great career -- or a great company.
Click here to get your copy of their book, Everybody's Business.
Learn more about the authors and their book in the following articles: The Star, The Financial Post, and The Globe and Mail.

0:12 Show intro
0:48 Introducing the guests
1:39 What the book is about
1:47 Massive decline in Canada 
2:24 How did the collaboration come about?
3:42 What did you learn from your research 
3:59 Canada's productivity challenge
4:14 Widespread complacency 
4:39 Went from 3rd prosperous to 15th
5:18 How we can move the needle
6:43 Technology
7:25 Every generation has to find a way to make tech improve our lives
8:03 Do Canadian leaders adopt this mindset?
8:36 Protectionism
10:01 Dichotomy between legacy protections and innovation
10:45 Average leading Canadian company 124 years
11:41 What are the incentives to innovate?
12:18 RIM example
14:17 Sustaining and disruptive technologies
14:47 KODAK example
15:28 Blockbuster
16:28 Canadian examples
17:07 Open banking
19:17 What if a country is a platform?
19:57 Starlink at the cottage
20:41 Example of Armenian car sales
21:37 Your moat is not as secure as you think
22:09 Don't think of Tech as a threat
24:14 Aerospace industry
25:38 What's going on in the healthcare industry?
26:12 Cable company - video on demand example
28:29 AI for radiology
30:25 Barriers to Canadian innovation
31:46 Advice on pushing through barriers in Canada?
32:09 Hard to find leadership talent in Canada
33:07 What do successful leaders do?
33:20 Vision of the leader 
37:15 You can be your own leader
37:55 The opportunity gaps exist
39:01 Atomized mindset
39:27 Creative destruction lab
40:59 20 Billion in capital raised
41:18 Bart summarizes
42:33 Don't accept the status quo
43:07 A Lot can change in 50 years 
44:12 Lots of uncertainty -- and opportunity
45:08 Thank yous
45:31 Outro