Building A Championship Team: The Power Of Vision

In today's episode, Bart Egnal speaks with Tim Bezbatchenko - President and GM of Columbus Crew SC.


Here are some moments from their conversation:

Tim's Footballer experience (3:23)
Tim's Law School experience (4:25)
Tenuous future of MLS league (4:53)
Vision for MLS (6:38)
The new vision for the MLS (7:16)
Transition from League Office to General Manager of TFC (9:37)
The risks of coming to Toronto as a GM (11:13)
How do you start building a vision? (12:20)
Collaborate on vision creation (13:20)
The first vision and its evolution (14:16)
What to do with those who don't buy in to vision (18:07)
Measure your day in the number of hard conversations you've had (21:27)
Bart and Tim talk about hard conversations for leaders (22:16)
Winning the Championship and how that affected the vision (23:16)
Creating a vision for Columbus Crew (25:03)
3 pieces of advice on creating vision (30:21)
a - Write it down (30:57)
b. Grand enough that it can't be achieved in a short period of and broad enough (31:43)
3 Understand that change is inevitable (32:05)

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