How To Thrive In A New Role with Brenda Harrington

By: Bart Egnal
The "Great Resignation" has led to unprecedented worker mobility. But whether you are thinking of changing roles, leaving your company, or have already started a new role, there are some important things to know and prepare for if you want to thrive. In this episode, Bart speaks with Brenda Harrington of Adaptive Leadership, who shares how she coaches executives in anticipation of new moves, and what she helps them do when they take on new positions. Brenda explains how to be realistic about the next step, how to adopt a new mindset, and how to develop your authentic power center. Brenda shares stories and examples from her practice that show how to implement this advice in your own career.
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00:39 Show intro
01:14 Welcoming Brenda
01:57 Brenda's career story
04:29 Early years of starting her company
05:58 Coaching has arrived on the cultural landscape
06:19 Her book
06:38 How did helping people in new roles become the focus?
07:05 Not personally intimidated by change
07:26 Shifting mindset 
08:08 People's willingness to change
08:55 Put your toe in the water
10:49 Helping people in new roles - Advice
11:34 Be realistic
12:32 The myth of leadership 
13:28 Defining success
13:59 Assessing the new reality of the role
14:45 What to learn in the first 90 days on the job
15:10 Due diligence
15:19 Understanding the power structure in the new role
16:27 Example of hidden culture
18:22 Backchannels 
19:24 Adopting the right mindset
20:50 Asking the right kind of questions
24:47 Let go of 'doing'
25:51 Developing a different value system
28:05 The costs of being a leader
28:33 Developing your authentic power center
29:09 How to find authenticity
30:11 Reflecting your style
31:55 Bart talks about the trend towards more authenticity in leadership
33:03 Encourage diversity of thought
33:58 Bart summarizes the discussion
34:48 Social contract
37:38 Thank yous