The Transformative Power of Culture with William Kilmer

By: Bart Egnal
In this episode of the podcast, Bart welcomes William Kilmer, entrepreneur, venture capitalist and author of a new book, Transformative. William’s book looks at how great companies do more than produce great products and instead transform markets they can enter and win in. Yet William explains that in his experience, leaders spend too little time on their culture, to their detriment. He explains how to retool your organization by auditing your culture, setting up a challenge culture, and then implementing a continued decision review process. A great listen for anyone who has been focused on what it takes to win in the market — and who may need a reminder to look inward at the same time. 
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00:15 Show Intro

00:53 Introducing William

01:31 Book: Transformative - what it tackles

02:21 3 key challenges facing businesses

04:19 What defines great leadership culture?

05:13 Intentionality

05:57 Steve Jobs

06:14 Satya Nadella

06:42 Advice on creating good culture

07:22 Knowing who your customer is

09:12 iPod example

09:32 Netflix

10:48 Culture and values

12:29 Unique values help companies perform better

13:15 Netflix culture set by Reid Hastings

13:38 Netflix culture deck

14:56 Advantages of a good culture

16:15 Why don't CEOs put more into culture?

16:52 Most leaders have not been well-trained on culture

17:11 Auditing your culture

18:30 Shift in culture goals

20:09 Contest between command and control vs interdependence model

21:40 How do you assess your culture?

24:51 Become a challenge-setting organization

26:24 OODA loop

29:22 How do leaders make the OODA loop happen?

30:09 Overcoming your own tendencies and filtering biases

30:57 Bart sums up

32:51 Where to find out more?

33:17 Thank yous

33:31 Outro