Building the Resilience You Need To Lead In Today's Hybrid World with Dean Becker

In this conversation with Dean Becker of Adaptiv Learning, Bart learns why the unprecedented uncertainty of the past few years has drained and tested leaders like never before, and what they can do to build resilience for the years to come. Dean talks about how uncertainty and stress heightens your signature emotions, drains your energy, and leads to cognitive distortions that impact decision-making. Then he shares two of the seven resilience skills you can build to push through difficult times. Bart and Dean use these skills to examine the pressures that leading in a hybrid world places on managers and leaders and how they can resiliently cope with the ongoing pressures hybrid work brings. 
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00:01 Teaser
00:19 Show intro
00:57 Introducing Dean
02:18 About Dean's company
04:23 Research on burnout
05:58 Signature Emotions
07:15 CBT methodologies 
11:22 How can leaders start dealing with the uncertainty
13:57 Self-awareness
15:24 Trap it - Map it - Zap it
15:49 Examples of a leader's challenges
16:55 Trap it
17:21 Map it
17:43 Zap it
19:22 How can a leader help others Trap it, Map it and Zap it?
22:22 WHY style
23:11 Cognitive accuracy 
23:24 Me vs Not Me
23:45 Always vs Not Always Thinking
24:16 Everything vs Not Everything
24:50 Common WHY styles
25:25 The optimist
27:00 The Pessimist
27:22 The Hothead
27:37 The Realist
27:41 All WHY styles can get it wrong
28:45 The Pivot Process
31:54 Always- Everything thinking
33:54 How to find out more about this
34:52 Thank yous
31:11 Outro

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