How to Embrace the Power of Pressure

What's the most pressure you've ever been under?" For his latest book, The Power of Pressure, Third Factor's CEO Dane Jensen, asked this question to thousands of people, from Olympic athletes and Navy SEALS to overworked managers and busy parents, and discovered that while each experience is unique, pressure has patterns. These patterns are somewhat counter-intuitive, but once we learn to recognize them we can learn to use the energy that accompanies pressure to thrive. In short, pressure can be a wind at our back instead of a weight on our shoulders.

In this episode of the Inspire Podcast (recorded live on November 3, 2021) Bart interviews Dane about what it takes to perform in peak moments of pressure, and  how to bring renewed energy to tackle the biggest sources of pressure in your life.

You can buy Dane's book here:

You can learn more about Third Factor here:

00:00 Teaser

00:20 Inspire Podcast intro

00:58 Welcome

01:38 What is the Inspire Podcast?

02:21 Niagara Institute & Third Factor

02:53 About Dane

03:28 Book: The Power of Pressure

04:27 The Magic Portal

04:38 What’s the most pressure you’ve ever been under?

06:25 How did people answer that question?

06:54 Examples of pressure

09:39 Participants share their pressure moments

12:17 The experiences that people bring…

13:05 Collective experience of pressure

13:51 What do all these experiences share?

15:24 Dane’s research into pressure

16:12 Pressure is a double-edged sword

17:23 The pressure equation: Importance

17:56 The pressure equation part 2: Uncertainty

20:19 The modern world – volume of important/uncertain moments

22:10 Pressure of the grind

24:30 How to manage these elements

25:22 Difference between peak performance and the grind

26:37 The path to importance

27:04 Growth, Contribution and Connection

28:24 Peak pressure – disconnect a bit

28:52 The duality of importance

30:19 Focus on what’s not important during performance

30:47 Uncertainty

36:02 What can leaders do to help people with stress?

37:25 Create certainty around process not outcome

40:34 Group Q&A

41:04 Volume

42:33 Time management is a trap

47:35 How does this understanding or pressure change what leaders need to think about?

48:29 Leaders need to shape pressure to be effective

51:45 Thank yous

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