What Nuclear Submarines Can Teach us About Inclusion

A nuclear submarine is one of the most intense and inhospitable environments in the world. For three months crews are put into a vessel that operates in hostile territory while being powered by a nuclear reactor. In this conversation John Gregory Vincent shares how the decades he spent in these vessels led him and his partner Deb Cake led them to develop a system to create inclusive teams. They take me into what The Submarine Way is, and how you can apply it to your team or organization. The chance to hear about life below the surface and the unique imperatives of teamwork are fascinating and John brings his experiences to life in this conversation. 


Introductions     1:01

Background        1:25

What is the Submarine Way?      2:23

Life on a nuclear submarine        5:22

Create a system where you can work through your bias, racism, people you don't like       6:13

5 steps to inclusive workplace    8:42

1 ONBOARDING               9:02

No silos on a sub              11:23

What leads to culture of inclusion              12:07


You do more with less    14:16

Pressure to perform       14:42

Support   15:58

How people help you unlock your ability                16:49

Qualification       17:18

how to bring contribution into corporate setting    18:54

Talent is important          19:07

Mentorship        19:20

Focus on talent    20:16

3 CREWMUNITY               21:34

Crew     22:08

Every person is a leader in a crew             22:53

How to handle deep-seated difference in a crew   23:45

Put getting things done ahead of biases   24:22

Bias is deepseated. Build skills to look beyond bias.      26:17

4 OMBUDSMEN        28:08.03

The Rumour Mill               30:30.55

5 MISSION          35:17

Hyperfocus on results that fit in with mission       35:44

Understand your role     36:13

Activity driven focus - detriment to organizations              36:33

The illogic of typical business schedules 36:42

Measure performance by RESULTS           37:16

Fight the submarine        37:47

How to use Mission in business 38:52

Discuss individual roles  39:27

Example of an amazing culture   40:44

Bart summarizes what they've talked about         43:22

Do you miss the military                44:10

Can you take this to the non-military world?        45:46

How to find out more about the Submarine Way                47:02

Thank yous         48:33

Outtro  49:26

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