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Transforming Technical Expertise into Engaging Presentations



Members of their cybersecurity and IT team are highly skilled, technically proficient individuals who frequently deliver presentations on risk and security to internal and external audiences. Given their expertise, determining the appropriate level of detail can be challenging. At times, this results in providing more technical information than necessary for certain audiences. In addition, their structured approach, while thorough and accurate, can make it challenging to create a lasting connection that resonates with different groups. The client's goal is to support these employees providing them with the training to develop an audience-centered approach and skills to present with impact in any setting.


The Humphrey Group and the client decided Speaking as a Leader® would be the best fit for their needs since this program is centered on helping participants learn to engage audiences and speak with confidence. This program gives participants a framework they can use to plan their communication in advance and ensure messages align with the needs of their audience. Instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach to communications, IT and cybersecurity team members gained tools to help them develop presentations that resonate with their audiences, and deliver with an inspiring presence. Two cohorts of their technology leaders participated in a two-day, in-person version of Speaking as a Leader®.


Though some entered the program with skepticism, 100% of their IT and cybersecurity leaders said they left the program with new skills and knowledge that are immediately applicable and relevant to their day-to-day work. They reported that they feel they are now more effective at their jobs. They learned how to engage their audiences with meaningful information instead of overwhelming them with dense, technical jargon they don’t need, and they learned methods to plan for critical communication and present it with confidence. Prior to the program, none of the participants considered themselves an expert at planning for and navigating critical conversations, but by the end of the program, all participants acknowledged growth in this skill, while 64% of the participants reported they’re now experts. There was also a 50% increase in the number of participants who rated themselves experts at conveying a strong physical and verbal presence. With these new skills and tools, the client’s technology leaders are ready to go from overwhelming audiences to captivating them.

Telecommunications Industry | Canada
The client is a leading information and communications technology provider, offering a wide range of products and services. Along with its wholly-owned subsidiaries, they earn approximately $1.3 billon in annual revenue and have 3,300 employees. 


of participants acknowledged growth in their communication skills. 


of participants improved to expert level for navigating critical communications. 

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