Become A Leadership Powerhouse with Dr. Greg Wells

By: Bart Egnal
In this episode of the pod Bart welcomes back best selling author and human performance expert Greg Wells to talk about his new book, Powerhouse. Drawing on leading research, Greg explains how your ability to perform in the boardroom and in life is based on healing and boosting the mitochondria that power your body. He explains simple ways to do this using breath, focus and movement so you can thrive. In a world where the demands on leaders have never been greater, Greg's practical and straightforward advice is invaluable for those who want to perform over the long haul.
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0:24 Welcoming Greg Wells
1:03 Published 5th book
2:27 Why this book?
3:38 Why is burnout happening?
4:40 Mitochondria and their role
5:28 Why do some people have more energy?
6:32 How we build endurance
7:20 How does stress lead to burnout
8:03 Modern work does not allow fight or flight
8:36 Stress damages the body
9:08 Spiral of burnout
9:42 How to create more energy in your body
10:34 Bart talks about examples of people dealing with stress in leadership
12:44 Breathing
14:14 Long slow exhale
16:18 Box breathing
18:07 Movement
19:59 Walking
20:32 Rhythmic and repetitive exercise is good for creativity
20:42 Why people are shifting from golf
21:55 Notifications problem
22:23 Bart talks about Apple Watch
23:24 The contradictions of new technology
23:53 Compulsive use of tech is damaging to mental health
24:30 Train yourself to use tech wisely
25:59 Energize!
26:17 A little is good - a lot is not
27:07 Adding in micro-stressors for health
29:13 Challenge turns on energy
30:40 Simple things to do to energize
34:58 Just Thrive!
35:44 Community is so important
36:15 Pull together your dream teams
37:36 Podcasting and audiobooks are so much better than doom-scrolling
38:22 Strong communities extend the lifespan
41:19 How to find out more...
42:06 Thank yous
42:21 Outro