How to Build a More Inclusive Cycling Team with Casper Wong

In this episode Bart speaks with Casper Wong about his journey to create the United Nation of Cyclists, a race team whose mission it is to promote diversity and inclusion. Casper, whose day job is COO and Co-Founder of Financeit, came to cycling late in life but quickly caught a passion for the sport. In his interview with Bart, he shared his personal experience of loving the sport but feeling like its homogeneity made it hard to feel included and at home. He connected with others who felt the same, and the result was their organic creation of a race team that today is taking an active role in promoting equity in the sport while giving back. Casper's experience and UNC's rapid growth highlights the underlying demand for change in cycling and shows that this sport does not need a one size fits all approach.


00:00 Teaser

00:13 Standard show intro

00:50 Welcoming Caspar

01:08 How they met

01:35 What does Caspar do when he's not riding a bike?

01:55 Getting into cycling

03:46 Cross fit

05:05 Got into cycling and saw little diversity

06:47 Representation matters

07:08 What was the impact of joining a cycling culture that had poor diversity

08:16 Legion

09:29 Did you ever think about quitting cycling?

10:43 When did it start to feel better in cycling?

11:32 Forming the UNC brand identity

12:36 What successes and challenges did you have forming UNC?

13:51 Club? or Team?

14:24 Inclusive competitive team?

15:45 Partnership with GLE

17:00 Selected by Destination Canada

18:02 How does Caspar define "inclusion"?

18:36 The UNC way

21:58 Diversity of rep vs results?

25:44 Kudos and thanks to Caspar

26:04 Other clubs in Toronto doing great things too

26:56 Thank you

27:21 Show Outro


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