Why employees break up with managers and what to do about it

Every manager knows creating strong relationships with their employees is crucial to fostering high performance. But what do your employees REALLY want from you? In this episode of the Inspire Podcast Laura Sukorokoff joins me to share insights gleaned from interviews with hundreds of employees. Laura explains what employees want and need from their leaders and then outlines how you can authentically meet those needs. A must-listen for any manager. 

Highlights from the conversation include:

Intro (0.59)

Training Managers (1:38)

The Book (2:44)

Stories About Bosses (4:39)

Managers are Responsible (5:22)

Key Learnings (6:18)

Manager Relationship is Important (8:38)

Managers Afraid they Don't Know What to Say (10:23)

Give Negative Feedback and Keep a Strong Relationship (14:41)

Annual Performance Reviews (16:32)

Trust (17:33)

Communicating About Trust (18:14)

RESPECT (20:37)

7 Leadership Traits (21:19)

Empathy (21:56)

Promotion (24:07) 

Empowerment (26:06)

Summing Up (28:27)

How to Find Out More (30:11) 

Thank You's (31:05)

What's On The Next Episode (32:09)


Twitter: @Laura Sukorokoff 

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