How To Build Trust To Drive High Performance with Marie-Claire Ross

By: Bart Egnal

In this episode, Bart speaks with Marie-Claire Ross, author of Trusted to Thrive, about how leaders can drive high performance in their teams through a balance of high safety and high accountability cultures. She outlines why humans are wired to seek psychologically safe environments, and why it's so hard to build. Then she explains why safety without accountability leads to atrophy, why accountability without safety leads to loss of trust, and how the balance of both creates what she calls the Achievement Zone. Her practical guidance and specific examples make this conversation one every leader should digest.

Find out more about her book here. And find Marie-Claire Ross on Linked In here.


01:07 Teaser

00:33 Show Intro

01:09 Introducing Marie-Claire Ross and her book

02:23 How Marie-Claire got into this field

03:23 Working with troubled young adults

05:30 Making corporate training materials

07:01 Noticed lack of trust – and started her company to address this issue

08:25 Bart reads from her book

09:09 Why was trust not focused on by leaders?

11:41 How has Covid changed ideas on trust and leadership?

13:11 Had to delineate personal/work lives

14:03 How do you know when trust is present

15:21 Psychological Safety – what is it?

16:03 Trust is more contextual

18:25 How can leaders work with safety and trust?

20:14 Advice to leaders

20:29 Importance of connection and a meaningful future

21:37 Learning together helps

23:12 Stepping into a meaningful future

23:55 Leading in a virtual world

25:16 Make meetings better

25:44 Ask people questions

27:54 Just “safety” is not enough – you need accountability

30:31 The anxiety zone

32:47 Creating accountability

35:45 Clarity about goals and directive is key

37:22 Visibility and transparency are more and more important

38:20 Number one thing leaders should do

39:24 Being a self-aware leader

40:57 Thank yous

41:34 Where to find the book

42:17 Outro